Where to meet expats in singapore?

Nationality-focused clubs, such as the British Club, The American Club and the Hollandse Club, can provide an instant network and are another way to meet expats from a similar background. Most social clubs offer facilities including swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, youth camps, and classes. Inspired by classic New York glamour, Manhattan is a sleek and stylish bar that's perfect for after-work whiskey. You can also stop by on Sundays to enjoy their legendary adults-only brunch.

There is a Boozy smoothie station that offers three different flavors of smoothies, a choice of dark rum or bourbon with a Rickhouse maple finish, as well as a candy and fruit bar to garnish and create wonderful smoothie creations. Blu Jaz Cafe is a popular bar with expats and locals alike, packed with a lively atmosphere and regular live jazz and blues music. There are also poetry slam events and impromptu sessions where the bar comes to life with the melodies of some of the best emerging musicians in town. Wala Wala is located in Holland Village, which was established in the early 20th century by the Dutch community of Singapore and still retains a European-style charm.

While the whole area here is popular with expats, Wala Wala is a must see. It's a veteran bar of the city's live music scene, so grab a cold beer while watching local bands rock on stage. Don't you get tired of listening to live music? Crazy Elephant is another lively bar to meet other expats in. It's a blues, rock n' roll bar with a house band that really knows how to get things going.

There's also a fun improv session that takes place every Sunday, so if you're feeling brave you can go on stage and show the audience what you've got. The club allows newcomers to settle in comfortably, make new friends and expand their business network. If you have a stroller and a baby in tow, mothers under the age of five can take their children to these meetings. Some of the world's leading companies have their regional headquarters here and this offers plenty of career opportunities for qualified expats.

Country-specific clubs, such as the Australian Association %26 of New Zealand, the French Association of Singapore, the Club of Singapore and Kowloon, and the Japan Association, have frequent encounters with newcomers and regularly organize social and special interest activities, ranging from book clubs to golf. The ANZA Casual Tennis group meets every Friday from 9 to 11 in the morning on central courts to enjoy a fun hit in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. These connections may not have materialized in your home country, but it's a good enough link to contact other expats. Expats moving to Singapore will find that the island's city-state is more than just luxury malls, luxury hotels and fancy restaurants.

Learn what you need to do about taxes when leaving the UK in this free online course from Expat Focus. Salaries are high in Singapore and many expats find that they earn much more than they did in their home country. Expats in Singapore, especially new expats, will benefit greatly from joining a club or association. Singapore ranks high when it comes to the best cities for expats, with an English-speaking population and a great social life.

A home away from home for many expatriate members, The American Club Singapore has helped newcomers to settle in comfortably, expand their business network, stay fit and make new friends within the community. Singapore has a sizeable expatriate community that coexists with the local population, which is made up of Chinese, Malay and Indian descent. Another useful way to meet people with whom you have something in common is through your university's alumni association. It's also an important hub for many international companies, so here you'll meet people from all over the world.


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