What is living in singapore like reddit?

To be honest, we both grew up around white people, feeling like foreigners, and now we're living between. Quality of life: everything is accessible here. I checked similar posts, but they didn't cover all the areas I had questions about, so I thought I'd start a new post. I am considering moving to the Asia Pacific region, most likely to Singapore, from the U.S.

UU. It really depends on where you can get a job, but Singapore seems to be the most promising. I've been doing a lot of research, but some of the sites aren't always up to date and don't seem to have all the information I'm looking for. What things should I know about Singapore? The good and the bad, tell me directly.

Sorry in advance for the bad format and the billion questions, I'm sleepless right now. I lived briefly in Japan, outside of Tokyo, working as a civilian for the US military (culture shock won't be a problem for me) I love all kinds of food and cultures I love meeting new people and making friends from different backgrounds I like traveling, diving and many other adventure activities I want to form a family eventually wherever I end up moving I adapt well to new environments My skill set is in Cybersecurity and, most recently, I was a subject matter expert who directly influenced the IT and security policies of the entire U.S. UU. experience with Windows server management and cyber security Thanks in advance for the entry, again sorry for the horrible format and all the questions.

If you rent an apartment to someone, expect not to have a dog. Looks like you'll enjoy the dining scene here. Singapore is an excellent option for you as a platform to go to other countries in the region for diving and other things. Culture shock won't be a problem, Singapore is like the ezmode of Asian countries for someone outside of Asia Pacific to live.

Ultimately, renting in Singapore really defines your lifestyle. You can pay ~700 SGD per month for a single room as rent (and have tons of restrictions imposed, such as not cooking) or get the apartment for yourself for ~2,000 SGD and have a lot more freedom (which seems like a better option for someone like you). Food ranges from cheap street vendor food (4-6 SGD per meal) to restaurants (15-30 SGD per meal for mid-range places). An average beer in Singapore costs between 2 and 4 SGD per can and between 7 and 9 SGD in a restaurant.

Work culture isn't terrible (since you mentioned Japan), but it's not incredible either. Working hours are long and there is a general culture where people like to stay as long as their bosses to show that they are as hardworking as their bosses. However, Korea and Japan definitely have worse work cultures than Singapore. Oh, for the love of everything, why so much hostility? Oh, and expect to earn less.

Try not to drink or smoke. I apologize if this seems like a generous attitude, but. You focused on two words and didn't contribute anything beneficial to the conversation. Why did you bother to publish something? I'm not going to go there to find the elusive Asian gamer girl, I come there because the Asian gamer girl I was engaged to ripped out my heart and I want to start over somewhere new, far away, where I have no memories of the time with her.

I want a fresh start, where I can appreciate and learn about the cultures and life experiences of others. I come there to meet new people with different life experiences than mine, who are cultured and hopefully not as arrogant or ignorant as you are. I don't want to live in a homogeneous society. I want to go to a place where I feel that I can have a positive impact on people's lives.

I want to go somewhere to enrich my own understanding of the world we live in and become a better human being. I don't want to be a dick, but, come on, there's no way you're as ignorant as your post makes you seem. Don't make people believe you're something you're not. What is the social and dating scene like in Singapore? Singaporean women seem to chase white men.

I have seen women on dating sites who claim that they will only date white men. They seem to think that expats are paid a lot of money. Are there a lot of gamer girls who go for Americans? Very few gamer girls in Singapore. Games like DOTA and L4D I suppose.

A dog person and would like to have one after I have settled down, what is it like to have a dog in Singapore? Depending on your accommodation, only smaller breeds are allowed in our small HDB apartments. Although it is usually comfortable if your neighbors don't report you to the authorities. My family has a fat beagle that's not allowed, but he doesn't complain, so we're good. And yes, if you're renting, they probably won't allow it, but check with your landlords.

Our previous owner allowed my family's dog. How much does it cost to visit other countries in the region? Is it a hassle to travel to other countries? It's cheap to fly to neighboring countries. Flight tickets to Vietnam will cost you around SGD 300 or less, depending on whether you're flying in high season. You just need to get the visa on arrival as usual.

How difficult is it to establish a residence, set up services such as mobile phone service, utilities, etc.? As others have mentioned, it's quite easy as long as you have the necessary documents. If you're white, you're ready for success. Well you can always look for Malaysian or Indian women. Don't Expect A Stereotypical Asian Female Player To Be Demanded For The Fat White Man Scenario.

Don't bring Americentric ideas from “good and bad” parts of the city. Can I talk about the name? Is Batman coming to Singapore?. It's expensive, I admit it. Our education system is too result-oriented, but other than that, it's a good place to work and live.

Of course, being a citizen means CPF, which is a little bad in its own way, but we get a ton of subsidies for education and healthcare. Rising cost of living and wage stagnation combined with increased competition with global workers. In Singapore, this is further compounded by the fact that many people resent their families for forcing them to pursue careers they don't care about. This automatically separates Singaporeans into leaders and followers, which does not help contribute to a cohesive society.

Singapore does a lot of things well and if you fit the profile, it's going to be a challenge to understand why people who don't are unhappy. When I was there (first year of high school), taxi drivers and people on the street had a much different accent and harder to understand than upper-class Singaporean businessmen or the government my father worked with. While I believe (or at least hope) that Singapore will liberalize when more boomers die, it will take a long time. Based on his sudden spate of posts about moving to Singapore and gun laws in the U.S.

In the US, I am with you on moving from the U.S. My Singaporean friends know how well they have it, but they would still prefer to move abroad to meet their aspirational needs: career goals, romance, cultural experiences, etc. Hey, I realized you were asking about raising children here, and if you can, please get your son out of Singapore before high school. Visitors, if given the opportunity, should visit a real local Singaporean home on their HDB (public housing floor).

I lived briefly in Japan, outside Tokyo, working as a civilian for the US military (culture shock won't be a problem for me). On the other hand, I think it's OK not to fall in love with Singapore, if it doesn't align with your life goals. Singapore is good to its citizens, because of their basic needs, but there is something else that makes life worth living: a sense of personal agency. .


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