Can expat wife work in singapore?

It's also quite easy for spouses to advance their own careers, as they have the option to work or start a business in Singapore. Currently, PD holders are exempt from the current work pass criteria and only need a letter of consent (LOC) from the MOM to work here. Starting in May, they must obtain their own work passes and meet criteria such as salary thresholds, quotas and the tax on foreign workers. All foreigners intending to work in Singapore must have a valid pass (commonly known as a work visa) before starting work.

If you hire foreigners to work in Singapore, you must ensure that they have a valid pass. Find out which pass is appropriate, if they are eligible, and how to apply. The PD, which traditionally allowed spouses or family members of expatriate employees to work in Singapore simply with a letter of consent (LOC) from the MOM, is now going to change with stricter processes. The shift to remote work has made relocation more viable for many expats, and Kate, Lucia and Therese mentioned that their families will leave if it is impossible for them to work here.

This also means many unhappy foreign expatriate families, and relocating them here will be more difficult if they know their partner or spouse won't be able to work, he said. While moving to a new country can be exciting, many expat women leave satisfying jobs, communities and opportunities of their own to accompany their partners, and the abrupt transition from autonomy to near-total dependence can be lonely and disempowering. How well you are able to perform your duties as a wife and mother is directly related to your personal health, happiness and fulfillment. Being potentially isolated from the opportunity to work would make it even more difficult for them to integrate and ironically give back, the same things that expats are often criticized for not doing enough.

Therese and I spoke candidly about the stereotype of expat women as privileged and leisure-snobbish women who exist just to spend their husbands' money. Lee Quane, Asia regional director for international expatriate management firm ECA International, said that, according to his data, female wives represent a “disproportionate number of the 11,000 dependant pass holders working in Singapore. While the potential benefits of rule change may be minimal, its human impact will be massive for the thousands of affected expatriate women and their families. What may seem like an additional layer of complication for foreigners moving to Singapore, especially for the wives of expatriates who take jobs here, aims to foster coherence within the labor ecosystem in compliance with the latest labor updates, the Ministry explains.

The news has shocked the expat community, with many struggling to figure out their next move.

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